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Credirisk provides Risk and Compliance Solutions for Banking, Insurance, Legal, Real State and Utilities. We stand out as a consulting company, established in 2003,  with a complete offer of Risk, Collections, Monitoring, Predictive Models, Basel III/ IV, Customer Value Solutions and Professional Services.


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CrediBox® is a complete Solution for credit management and customers monitoring, powerful in features and processes speed, effective when related to cost reduction support.


This solution capabilities and functionalities increase the users’ productivity.
CrediBox® allows users to create proposals for risk analysis in the credit allocation, after proper filling of data contained in each proposal form from the Credibox-front module or just using the current core banking integrated with our solution.


Makes decisions considering the risk that a client represents for credit allocation and allows complete monitoring through various workflows implemented at product and/or segment level.


CrediBox® is one-stop-shop from the first contact with a client until the credit granted. It includes workflow management, Digital Document Archive, Decision Engine, Core banking integration and  the usual Credirisk approach in creation simple front-end’s where all the complexity is always running in the background away from the day to day operations.




CollectionsBox® helps controlling contracts in arrears and in particular the management of the operations related to customer’s risk monitoring.
CollectionsBox® was designed considering the following insight into the process of credit recovery.
CollectionsBox® is composed of two main modules:

1. Credit Recovery Module;
2. Litigation Module.

The CollectionsBox® is a Solution for strategic management of recoveries that will achieve operational efficiency and effectiveness in credit recovery through:

1. Access to a single, centralized view of the customer, their products and their default through their interconnection to other accounts and other companies;
2. Provision of an automated workflow with access to all the internal information of the treasury for analysis and client billing process;
3. Ability to define different recovery strategies according to customer profiles, or any other segmentation based on the information available.

Argus® is a complete Anti Money Laundering Solution.
Argus® is a Solution whose main purpose is to support our costumers in controlling anti-money laundering activity and fraude, it is aligned with the rules of the local supervisor and all international rules and laws.
Argus® works with specific modules and phases like filtering and individual monitoring.

Main Argus® modules are:

  • Onboarding (Filterring)
  • KYC – Know Your Costumer
  • KYT – Know Your Transaction

Argus® is designed to work on the customer’s technology infrastructure or cloud environment.

Professional Services




The Scoring models are now an indispensable tool in the allocation of credit to new customers and the risk classification of the existing ones.

The purpose of a scoring model is the ability to take a decision for each proposal/ client, in an automatic, objective and reliable way. Using statistical models it is possible to predict the customer’s future behaviour, based on the information available in the computer system of the entity through historical data of customers.

The main benefits of a scoring model are:

  1. Debt reduction;
  2. The neutral risk assessment based on an objective analysis of the information;
  3. More reliable and faster decisions;
  4. Decision-making consistent throughout the network of branches;
  5. Parameter management Control;
  6. Automatization capability;
  7. Better customer service;
  8. Improved Profitability;
  9. Better decisions;
  10. More responsible Loans.


With our consulting services, we aim to offer our customers a broader view of their business and increase product visibility and customer growth. From your targeting provide multiple custom reports to help you better understand your organization.

Whether at our facilities or at our customers’ premises, we help organizations attract, retain, and retain their customers.

We have a team with more than 16 years’ experience in data mining and CRM services, which always favour a proximity and trust approach with our clients.

In this way, due to the knowledge acquired by our team over the years in several projects, our services are clearly a value-added service of excellence, which we believe makes all the difference.

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