Jorge Mendes | Technology Solutions Manager

Responsible for development new products and it also has the project developer functions in many of our customers. He also is the Team Leader of software developers and integrators.

Jorge Mendes joined the company in 2012, as well as others skills in areas such as development and systems archtecture. It has ensured the lifecircle of our products by working on new releases, making it available to all our customers worldwide. 

Jorge Mendes current Technology Solutions Director was reponsible for the Outsystems group at HYFAS Company before joining Credirisk as one of initial elements on the Argus AML product development team. 

Although Outsystems has been involved in several development projects in various programming technologies such as PL / SQL, MySQL, ABAP, PHP, CSS, HTML, web projects and COBOL.

Some of the most relevant clients he was involved were Eurobic, Finibanco AO, BPC, First National Bank Mozambique, Refrige (Manufacturer os Coca-Cola Portugal), Siemens, among others.

Worked as business developer in some of the major players in retail banking in Portugal, Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde. 

Jorge Mendes also worked as an IT manager for the Netinicial, leading the development team during five years.