Vasco Oliveira | CEO

Partner and founder of Credirisk in Portugal. Is responsible for coordinating and managing the whole company and business development.

With 20 years of consulting experience in decision-making and Basel II/ III, founded Credirisk in 2003.


Has specialized in the following areas:

1. Application Processing systems;

2. Strategic Decision Solutions;

3. Business Process Management;

4. Business Intelligence;

5. Customer Relationship Management.


 Has managed and led companies and projects ranging from concept, design and implementation of solutions related to:

1. Decision support applications;

2. Workflow platforms;

3. Unique vision of clients for the analysis of recovery processes and credit concession;

4. Scoring and Rating models;

5. Operational risk management applications and AML procedures.


In addition he led more focused projects in the shed Processes and Organization:

1. Creating credit applications processing centers in full-outsourcing;

2. Process reengineering in the concession area and credit recovery;

3. Advisor in strategic advisory evolution of risk and procedures related to Basel II.

Major clients where he worked with, we highlight:

1. CGD Bank;

2. CCAM Bank;

3. BPI Bank;

4. BBVA Bank;

5. Santander Bank;

6. BCI Bank;

7. BCA Bank;

8. SOL Bank;

9. BPC Bank;

10. Vodafone;

11. Meo;

12. Millennium BCP Bank;

13. Finibanco;

14. GE Money;

15. Leaseplan;

16. BPC Angola Bank;

17. FNB Bank.