Providing Risk and Compliance Solutions across the globe

Credirisk presents itself under a new concept in Portuguese market. It stands out as a consulting company, which will always seek the best solution and service, regardless the supplier for each type of client or project.

Has partnerships with leading companies worldwide in the sector, having as ultimate goal the creation of a wide range of solutions where certainly will be the most appropriate for your organization.

Credirisk consultants ensure the development of risk models, as well as software for creation and management of credit proposals, and a strategic solution for credit recovery. Currently these solutions are implemented in various national and international financial institutions.

The direct and local support is a constant, where the main contact and support is always given by Credirisk, as well as the entire first line support of any solution that we represent.

The research for more and better solutions and methodologies is a constant, with benefits for all customers.
The customization of services provided and the possibility of placing consultants at customer sites is also a reality and an asset in terms of knowledge transfer.

Credirisk is a consulting company established in 2003, the only one in Portugal with a complete offer of Risk Solutions, Collections, Monitoring of Predictive Models, Basel II/ III and Customer Value.

Acts in different industries such as Banking and Finance, Insurance companies and Telecommunications.

Its main focus is the client and the choice of the solution and/ or most appropriate to each situation supplier.